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What is a white label a customized digital agency using your name and logo. A white label is a business that provides services that are then sold under under your name or brand.

The business that is selling the services generally increases the price of the services being sold so that they can make a profit then take credit for the services they provide but are the ones with name on line. This is a concept that is similar to ghostwriting  except that is applied to any type of digital  service, such as advertising marketing hosting, and web design.

Turnkey vs white label what is the difference? A turnkey and white label can easily be confused as they can still be the same. A turnkey website is a starter site a solution built for you and so is a white label. A turnkey is a website you generally host yourself meaning  you need to keep licenses of records for the software you use but have control over what you can edit and customize. A turnkey is generally a one
time purchase and you are encouraged to customize in order to make seo work.

A white label website is also a starter site and is fully hosted all you need to do is upload a logo and supply a domain name the software records  are held with the provider you will likely need to pay a recurring cost each month depending on services.

Problems with both white label and turnkeys have to do with limitations which may or may not contribute to seo. With either turnkey or  white label being often a set design you may find that you are being penalized for duplicate content if you fail to make enough changes to customize your site. Every little detail you can change do it as you want the site to look as unique as possible. Some white labels will actually design a new site for each customer  as part of the package which is certainly of value.  Why use our turnkeys and white label solutions we offer custom turnkey as you need custom options and our design team will make a unique site.  Bet Turnkey is a marketplace of betting programs to populate your gaming betting site with advertising. Could also be used to supply more packages for promoting your casino based sites.  Casino Turnkey   is a network of casino referral programs that have incentives to bring players to tables. Casino turnkey follows casino industry products and industry news to bring informed reviews. Casino turnkey is your opportunity to make money out of gambling and gaming related industries. Custom Turnkey Build or create your own custom turnkey suits marketing and automotive industries.  Cloud White label can host your website. Domain turnkey is a huge marketplace of turnkey sites where you can download a site and rehost it on your own domain web server or use our hosting.  All turnkeys require some custom work for titles and logos if you require more than download or installation and  customization let us know.
Free turnkeys is a show case of what is available through other third parties. We have utilized some of the many opportunities ourselves when using suitable domains to rebrand. Free Turnkeys is a show case of content filled opportunities. Lead Turnkey is a platform to buy and sell leads. Resell other leads to webmasters with a turnkey option.  Traffic Turnkey is a traffic platform so you can resell traffic from our network of sites as well as from our partners. Turnkeys A keyword driven lander to supply traffic in turnkeys niche to any turnkey related business. To be populated with a  huge collection of turnkey websites.
Turnkeys could be, a turnkey project, or a turnkey operation a completed product. Turnkeys are generally related to affiliate related business. Advertising Whitelabel Advertising white label is everything related to re- brandable advertising white label platforms which include reports, campaigns, and products that others brand as own to resell advertising services to local and online businesses. Advertising white label is a service based business, building relations and creating a satisfied customer base . Refer or partner with advertising white label to strategize , create, and promote advertising campaigns for your clients.
BetWhitelabel are gaming and gambling opportunities. Offer gaming options with Slot machines and display latest odds on sporting events. Casinos offer referral packages and it was gaming that really offered the first white label solutions before legislation and regulations.
Design white label is a re brandable solution to web design that you can sell your own design or others under your own branding of design white label.  Design white label includes art and files with turnkey designs and products that assist in all aspects of design. White label services to local and online businesses. Design white label is a service based business, building relations and creating a satisfied customer base. Refer or partner with design white label to create, and promote new design ideas for your customer.
Domain white label is a re brandable solution to assist with domain sales. Sell your on domains or earn commission through leads generated from your branding.  Domain white label includes a full  functioning design and products that assist in all aspects of domaining. Domain white label is a sales based business, building relations and creating a satisfied customer base. Refer or partner with domain white label to create, and promote new domain ideas for your customer base.
Dropship white label is a service where little work is required after sale. You advertise products on either own site or supplied white label web site or through
other means of direct advertising. All the warehousing labeling and shipping is taken care of you take the order whilst it is shipped directly to the customer.
Email white label is more than just a re brandable solution to email due to implemented factors. With sending policy framework domain to your domain email so isp does not confuse your campaign with junk mail or spam. Ip addresses and attachment of links those addresses and or find problems with url shorts.  This is a great opportunity to target audience whilst maximizing possible business and eliminating negative impacts  of bulk emailing without experience.
Events white label discover the latest in events online for all events. Launch products and network with other like minded event goers network with site operators and webmasters. Keep your events site up to date with content on latest events all whist front promoting your own.
Free white label is a showcase of the available free white label resources online. Free white labels are turnkey designed sites with the ability to earn the promoter  income though referrals and affiliates. There is opportunity to earn without outlay all you need is your own domain to have your very own turnkey site up and  running in minutes however the more you customize the better.
Hosting white label is your solution to rebranding web hosting. Resell your own sites on own hosting with shared or dedicated web servers. With hosting white label you can brand your site and resell hosting to your clients.
Lead white label is the solution to lead generation as we will acquire the contact information of potential customers and the decision makers.  Lead white label includes a leadís name and email address, but businesses can offer other information through lead generation, such as their occupation,
age, gender and other business interests and websites. Once you have a potential customerís email, you can send them targeted content such as promotional offers.
Links White label offers backlinks over various networks this gives users the ability to resell links based on qualifying points such as geo niche keyword traffic and price. As a links white label you will have links to sell from your own sites and links from popular sites to help bring exposure to your customers.
Promote selling links with your own domain.
Live white label is an opportunity to white label live events, conferences and press releases under your own company branding. Re-brand conference software and promote your clients directly using chat based networking abilities.
White label marketing is a business model that involves outsourcing a part of a job or the entire process. Marketing white label is a third-party team for digital marketing requirements ó from a new site campaign launch to marketing analysis reports and tasks. With Marketing white label these many companies and marketing agencies can rebrand selling as their own with with our white label products.
Market White label is a turnkey marketplace ecommerce package ready to sell your services products events or digital download. All you need to run your turnkey marketplace is a domain and some basic marketing skills we offer tools to assist.
Media White label is an advertising platorm for social media promotion. We will provide packages to promote  over various platforms.
Promote White Label is assistance in promoting third party white label opportunities. offer some advice and assistance as well as customizing content as well as meta tags onsite SEO, SEM, traffic and site analytic. Promote white label will promote your branded turnkey site and make it uniquely your own.
Review white label is the marketplaces world wide specializing in turnkey white label solutions. These are not our own projects so we have been reviewing what others offer as we are always trying to improve our own services. As we get a better understanding of industry we share the information.
Our scripts are the best for SEO advertising we have many different scripts installed over our network. This is part of the network.  Check your site with our selection of free tools we have dozens of different sites dedicated to links, site monitors and traffic.
Traffic white label is a traffic outsourcing turnkey business to allow others to sell real clicks with own custom control panel so you can monitor rate and speed of the traffic provided. Start your own traffic business with a traffic white label. Bring your own domain to start reselling web traffic. Traffic white label offers traffic from all over the world and in various niche subjects.  htto:// Turnkey White label is a huge collection of turnkey businesses that you can rebrand and operate as your own. We offer solutions to domainers and developers looking to maximize the value of their traffic. To use a turnkey white label all you need to do is change the titles so your name appears.
Video white label is a content creation service that utilizes video to create colorful graphic enriched content Video white label is a streaming service that hosts either live, on demand or downloadable created content to stream on other networks.
Webmaster White label offers webmasters to achieve website success. We have a team of webmasters to fix your errors or drive your next development.  Offer your own team of professionals with your own branding and be assured the task is completed. Webmaster white label can assist with all remote it services we will find a professional to solve the most complex problem.
Wine white label and the most popular reason white labels gained popularity as was with wine makers allowing a complete wine reseller solution resulting in a finished wine with unlabeled bottles from producers and wineries to be rebranded them with your own labels. White label wines are typically contracted with the winemaker according to market demand. Also available
Whitelabel adult supply adult services as a turnkey white label package, used by cam sites, tube sites and by far the easiest way of setting up a adult webmaster referrals as many allow to earn promoting to models webmasters and customers.
White label hits is a traffic referral site sell website traffic with own offers sell traffic from various networks Bring your own domain to start  reselling web traffic. Traffic white label offers traffic various subjects.
Black label Traffic is a premium traffic resources site.


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