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The role of a company promoter is to raise awareness or money for a product service or business that benefits by bringing together companies by building partnerships and networking as a role. A promoter helps raise money for investment activity that supports a cause, customer, client, lead, venture any  positive move that has a measurable effect. A promoter is not about hiding profit but disclosing it a promoter should always disclose any secret profits and material facts.  Promoters are to find the strengths and weakness estimate and make allowance for advertising, marketing campaign . A company promoter will assist in the formation of a company from finding directors and entire planning of companies preliminary contracts and business models and makes arrangement for capital towards advertising.  Promoters are the thinkers that come up with the material and ideas to base formation of a company and are economic prophets.

Promoters can help form either private or public companies by helping source enough directors and investors to build and form a company. In order to have enough capital and skill in upper management the promoter will suggest suiters and act as the first directors of the company. One important role of the promoter is finding a suitable name for the company which if a brand requires traffic sources to drive it over generic. The promoter when forming company needs to consider location of head office, share capital and brokers, auditors, advisors, draft the memorandum and articles of ,file prospectus, arrange company and domain registrations, cover preliminary costing as assembling the company.

Promoter is neither a trustee nor an agent of the company because there is no company yet in  existence. A promoter is a promoter not the owner.  A promoter cannot make any secret profit so all expenses as well as earnings is full documented any profit is to be refunded to the company. Promoters include some synonyms but not entirely related: advertise, advertising, publicity, marketing, sales,  selling, promote, promoting.

Company Promoter is the role of the promoter to build and grow all aspects of forming of companies.
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