A domain name is your website’s name but more than that is how your site is registered as a physical address. A domain name with right keyword targeting will help customers locate your website provided you domain is memorable. To make the domain popular you will need to host it create a site and populated it A domain is really just an internet protocol "IP" address and your domain is forwarded or hosted at this address. Domain names can be one the most lucrative industries with business in demand for their exact match. We have many domains and some premium names approaching 25 years in use and we have fine tuned our entire inventory over the years so that our domain appeal is attracts other domainers however webmaster industry is end user. We understand values and have been appraising domains and have run appraisal scripting for websites but we prefer to report on stats rather than speculate with them when only personal valuations have merit as can explain all ranking aspects eg keywords search results and previous sale history alone with site analysis. I assume everyone here knows about domains but still need some basic content to get this page to rank.